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Slate and Tile Roofing

At Cover Well, we have a team of slate and tile roofing specialists, we can fix any error in your roof in any sort of covering ( Slate, Tile, and Stone). So whether you need a full reroof, a re-leading around your chimney or just fixing a small leak.

 We have a team of trained slate and tile specialists who will be able to quickly deduce the source of the issue and lay out the options for the repair and give you a non obligation quote for the job which you can call to confirm at any point.

Roofing Specialists

Cover Wells’ Specialists provides the highest quality workmanship and an unmatched level of expertise.

We are specialists in Slate, Stone, and Tile Roofing works and apply this to new builds, listed buildings, and heritage properties.

Whether you need one slate/tile repair or if a full reroof is needed on a listed building or your existing property, our specialist roofers are trained to work on any type of property. So just give us a call at 03337721851

Our Process

1. The Visit

The first step before starting any roof repairs will be to visit you and establish what the problem or work you want doing is, seeing it firsthand. Upon inspection, we will give you our advice and recommendations on what will be the cheapest and most efficient option as well as how long each option will last. Explaining anything in depth in order to help you to understand the work which might be required.

3. Quote and Booking

Upon visiting you and inspecting your existing roof and giving our advice, we will provide a no-obligation quotation meeting your requirements (this will be emailed to you), with the desired finish in mind at all times. If you are happy with your quote we will get your job booked for completion in the next few weeks.

2. Discuss options

At Cover Well Roofing we feel it's very important for the customer to understand all the options available, and will discuss everything in depth with you and lay out every way we could do the work for you. We take much time and care in order to explain all the options fully, including materials and finishes, allowing you to make an informed and confident choice.

4. The Work

Once you are booked in and all your materials are paid for and ready we will come and complete the works in a timely manner. We will ensure to keep you up to date with the work and anything that needs to be done, Once all works are completed to your and our satisfaction will payment be requested for the roof repair service.

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