Chimney Repointing

Why Repoint Your Chimney

Over time, and with the various changes in the seasonal climate, brickwork and pointing can become damaged. This can cause various structural issues including leaking roofs and ingress of other elements such as snow and ice. Repointing can also help to reduce the risk of damp and possible further decay to a property.

We work alongside our roofing company to work on chimney stacks as part of their complete re-roofing process. Chimney stacks are designed to dissipate the products of combustion into the atmosphere, and are therefore placed well above buildings, exposed to the elements throughout their lifetime. Being constantly under attack from nature and the effects of weathering, we often find that chimney stacks bear the brunt of the effects of the weather.

Our Service

We offer competitive and reliable chimney services throughout including re-pointing the chimney brickwork; securing, removing or replacing chimney pots; removing chimneys altogether. Chimneys have always been a feature of British homes, so even brand new houses often have a chimney, even if only for decorative purposes. But if you live in an older property, make sure your chimney’s safe. Call our chimney experts, Cover Well Roofing , today for a chimney and roof inspection

Chimney Damage Repair

Nowadays most chimney stacks are redundant, often leading to neglect which then causes them to fall into a state of disrepair. Chimney pots and the way they extend from your roof generally take the biggest punishment from weathering and wind, sometimes making them unstable and dangerous. Brickwork over time becomes cracked and loosened, allowing the chimney pot to move in place, which could then crash down in strong winds and further damage the roof or a passerby. With a chimney having such a weight so high up, it’s an important aspect of your property to maintain. A part that our roofing team inspects as part of their standard roofing service. If you’re in doubt that your chimney is safe, we recommend that you have your chimney stack professionally checked for peace of mind. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

As with all work on your property, Cover Well always recommends that you use our experts who can apply years of experience to provide the best solution to your problem. Chimney stacks maintained to a poor standard can often cause more problems than they solve, leading to water penetration through the pointing, flashings and damaged brickwork leading to more costs in the long run. Our advice would be to do it properly and professionally, using a company with experience in both roofing and brickwork. Our team is experienced in all aspects of chimney stacks, and roofing, allowing us to provide solutions to all manner of problems, whatever the scale. We can replace individual bricks in your chimney stack, rebuild the entire stack, or simply renew the flaunching, flashing, and repoint. You also might choose to reduce the height where brickwork is damaged, and cap off the opening with a ridge tile, vented cover, or false chimneys to retain the aesthetics. Whatever your problem, we will work with you to achieve the desired effect whilst protecting your property for years and years to come.

If you think you have a problem with your chimney stack and are unsure of what you want or need, don’t worry as we are here to help. We are happy to visit you to provide expert advice, discuss all of the options with you, and help to achieve the desired standard for your chimney stack, priding ourselves on the quality of our workmanship. Proper chimney stack repairs can transform your building and provide a lifetime of reassurance and peace of mind, so we take time and dedication to ensure we get it right for each and every customer. Find out more about our chimney stack repair services and view photos from our previous projects below.

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Our Process

1. The Visit

The first step before starting any roof repairs will be to visit you and establish what the problem is, seeing it firsthand. Upon inspection, we will give you our advice and recommendations on what will be the cheapest and most efficient option as well as how long each option will last. Explaining anything in depth in order to help you to understand the work which might be required.

3. Quote and Booking

Upon visiting you and inspecting your existing roof and giving our advice, we will provide a no-obligation quotation meeting your requirements (this will be emailed to you), with the desired finish in mind at all times. If you are happy with your quote we will get your job booked for completion in the next few weeks.

2. Discuss options

At Cover Well Roofing we feel it's very important for the customer to understand all the options available, and will discuss everything in depth with you and lay out every way we could do the work for you. We take much time and care in order to explain all the options fully, including materials and finishes, allowing you to make an informed and confident choice.

4. The Work

Once you are booked in and all your materials are paid for and ready we will come and complete the works in a timely manner. We will ensure to keep you up to date with the work and anything that needs to be done, Once all works are completed to your and our satisfaction will payment be requested for the roof repair service.

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